Everyone’s baby is sleeping through the night, eating organic quinoa and generally a magical unicorn baby.

And yours is not.

Well, that was our experience too. With minimal sleep and loads of coffee, Seriously Milestones was born.

We decided that those challenging times, the times that nobody told you about but everyone experiences (even if they do indeed say that their baby is a magical unicorn) need to be celebrated!

And most importantly, other mums need to know that they’re not alone, that they aren’t doing it all wrong and that we can all have a good laugh at ourselves.

Cheers to sleepless night, vomit stained tshirts and mum friendships that will last a lifetime.

The Seriously Milestones team x

pregnancy milestone cards

Because you won’t care later about the photo when you were 30 weeks, you’ll be more interested in the fact that you could no longer see your private parts!

milestone cards

To help share the load, we have created the baby milestone cards you really need! We’re all about keeping it real but celebrating our babes first poo in the bath, that time they kept you up every hour and when you dropped your phone on their face (don’t laugh, we know you did).

toddler milestone cards

Newborns are hard and all but this toddler business is next level. To help you through, we thought it would be fun to celebrate those painstakingly real moments by adding a bit of humour with our toddler milestone cards.