seriously real milestone cards

You’ve seen Milestone Cards before – well, these are not your standard ones.

If you want REAL, ORIGINAL and FUN, then you’re in luck. We’ve created these pregnancy, toddler and baby milestone cards so you can share the awkward, funny and downright gross moments in motherhood.

Plus? We ship worldwide, because we’re freaking awesome….

Baby Milestone Cards - Seriously Milestones

baby milestone cards

We know you’re meant to be totally over the moon in love with them, but…. sometimes, they just suck.

To help share the load, we have created the baby milestone cards you really need! Seriously Milestones are all about keeping it real, so we love celebrating your babes first poo in the bath, that time they kept you up every hour, and even when they found their genitals!

Toddler Milestone Cards - Seriously Milestones

toddler milestone cards

We thought it might be fun to celebrate those painstakingly real moments by adding a bit of humour with our Toddler Milestone Cards.

The cards include the funny times (repeating swear words), the tiresome times (first nights in big beds) and the downright scary (getting lost).

Pregnancy Milestone Cards - Seriously Milestones

pregnancy milestone cards

Congratulations, you need our pregnancy milestone cards! You’re up the duff!

Because you won’t care about the photo when you are 30 weeks, you’ll be more interested in the fact that you could no longer see your private parts…